The Bill Murray Process Consultant is a Cape Town based operations consultancy owned by process expert, Belinda Murray.

Bill fixes, streamlines and restructures internal operational processes, using experience, objectivity and best-practice, through empowering and guiding employees, resulting in business efficiencies and profitability.

Meet Bill

Bill Murray

With my 20 years of internal operations experience, I have developed a unique approach and methodology that can help any business operate more efficiently and achieve sustainable results. I work with MDs, FDs and ODs to liberate senior and middle management.

I work IN your business to gain bespoke insights and solutions for your unique challenges. I will introduce new processes and drive your existing processes that are currently being forgotten, neglected or problematic to deal with. I focus on solving the right problems and keeping them solved. In my experience, for real change to take place, my clients need to be committed, prepared, honest, collaborative, supportive, willing to change, personally invested in doing it properly and have a long-term view.


1 Week
1 Week
2 - 8 Weeks
1 Week
Maintain 1 week p/m and subsequently 2 days p/m

Process audit

Sit in all relevant internal meetings

Follow the process flow

1-on-1 discussions with key staff


“Bills disarming and energetic manner, coupled to her seasoned agency operations and traffic experience, present not only an increasingly rare combination of attributes but a quite intoxicating proposition for any business looking to transform their approach to delivering operational excellence.”

Luca Gallarelli – Managing Director, Ogilvy & Mather

“Belinda is a consummate professional. She innately understands our business structure, setup and client requirements. Bill has been instrumental in helping 99c set up our agency management system so that it delivers data that is both robust and accurate. She is also super fun to have around - Bill for the win!”

Hylton Heather – Head of Production, 99c

“We have a “+1 In Pursuit of Passion” program. It's for being amped, excited and filled with pure joy, infectious energy and crazy enthusiasm. It's for being the best you can be. Bill would win a lot of “+1 Awards” at Geometry Global.”

Grant Rightford - Group Managing Director, Geometry Global

“THE Bill Murray is a force to be reckoned with! She’s quick to understand the inner workings of a company, it’s needs and areas of opportunity to improve. Coupled with this she delivers insightful solutions that really work. I’d bring her into my business in a heartbeat.”

Nicky Shermer – Managing Director, Strike Media

“Belinda sees people before she see processes. It' her ability to understand people and culture and then apply process, that makes her remarkable. Despite all her experience, she does not arrive with preconceived ideas of how things should work but takes the time to get to know her clients and makes sure that processes work for each client specifically.  Most important, she is great to have around.”

Desh Singh – Managing Director, Singh & Sons

“When it comes to passion for process look no further than The Bill. Her passion for process and detail is exhausting (in a good way) and her ability to launch new projects with total buy in from stakeholders, impressive.”

Neal Farrell – CEO, Narrative Media

“Bill Murray blends years of experience with the exuberant energy of a beginner. She talks straight, applies her mind and confidently gets the job done.”

Tom Fels: Managing Director, Publicis Machine

“Belinda gets what we do. She knows how creative businesses work and she respects the people and the craft. Which is why, when you want to optimize your business without crippling the very reason for its being, Belinda is the best person to for the job. She has seen it all and has worked successfully in operations long enough to create the best and most effective environment for success.”

Kirk Gainsford – Executive Creative Director, Lowe